Thursday, February 21, 2008

for tuesday feb 26

google “narrative maps” [images and text], to get a basic idea of how other people are making maps to tell stories. yours need not look at all like these. it's just to spur ideas.

plus bring in additional resources on stories, visual stories, narratives, community art/design, etc, to share. any new sources you can scrape up that can expand our ideas of what we could do with our work.

AND make a story / map thing that documents your experiences so far. cassie and morgan have made contact with people! yay! it can take whatever form you want, but it should communicate your experiences, triumphs, failures, attempts, conversations, whatever has happened so far. you need to start making and responding to this experience.

finally, we'll watch the movie "fast, cheap, and out of control" in class. it weaves together some great stories. lots to do tuesday. i look forward to it.


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